"Ola Bratteli"
Mathematical Physics Discussion Evenings

Starting from February 2020 some "informal mathematical-physics discussion evenings" will be organized out of academic environment.
The location of the events is for now (meeting room upstairs) "The Melting Clock"   [location map: 8 Soi 61 Sukhumvit (BTS Ekamai) Bangkok ]
The event is restricted to an audience of maximum 14 people. To reserve, please send an e-mail to: Paolo Bertozzini

Forthcoming Meetings

Friday 21 February 2020 - The Melting Clock - Ekamai 61 - Time: 18.30-till late -   Mathematical-Physics Discussion

Tony C. Scott - Taiyuan University of Technology Shanxi - China (retired)
The Wheeler-Feynman Time-Symmetric Theory - Can we predict the future?   [slides to be uploaded ]

Abstract: We present a review of the Fokker-Wheeler-Feynman time-symmetric theory where charged particles interact through an average of relativistically invariant retarded and advanced electromagnetic waves. This theory is the ancestor of Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) the most successful and accurate quantum field theory devised as well as Feynman path integrals. This review covers contributions spanning a century and seeks a resolution to the question: is it possible for relativistically covariant waves travel from the future into the present?